(J14 Protests)

• Israeli Chief Negotiator David Meidan during a lecture at Tel Aviv University explained the massive social protests in Israel last summer “was part of the considerations” in making the Shalit deal. [Times of Israel]
• In a piece chronicling the wider acceptance of Black Jews into the Jewish mainstream, The Forward profiles Shabbat services at a Black Jewish synagogue. [The Forward]
• Mitt Romney has joined the call for a moment of silence at the London Olympics in honor of the Munich massacre. [Reuters]
• Yoel Finkelman describes the mixed legacy of Rav Elyashiv, whose funeral in Israel last week drew 250,000 people. [Jewish Ideas Daily]
• According to Shin Bet, African migrants in Israel are being used unwittingly to carry cash in an out of the country for groups like Hamas. [Haaretz]