Daybreak: Italian Parliament Honors Munich

Also Israelis scramble for gas masks as Syria destabilizes

By Adam Chandler|July 26, 2012 9:00 AM

• The Italian Parliament held a moment of silence to honor the 11 athletes and coaches killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics. [Times of Israel [1]]

• The Times explores the differences between the Showtime hit ‘Homeland’ and its less glossy Israeli model…meaning the one without Claire Danes in it. [NYT [2]]

• A Birthright Israel participant from the Ukraine died in an accident on the program earlier this week, the third death in the program’s history. [JTA [3]]

• Len Saxe, a leading Jewish demographer, says a much-ballyhooed recent population study of New York State may have overstated the Orthodox population. [Jewish Week [5]]

• Israelis are on the hunt for gas masks as the situation in Syria deteriorates and fears of its recently-acknowledge chemical weapons arsenal. [Calgary Herald [6]]

• Bulgarian-born Alexis Weissenberg would have been 83 today, he died in January. Here’s him suavely dropping some Chopin; watch the right hand:

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