Gal Nevo, Israel(AFP)

• Snowjob in July? Joan Juliet Buck attempts to explain away her decision to profile Asma al-Assad for Vogue. [NewsBeast]

• An exhaustive investigative report by the AP claims that Israel is viewed as a spy threat by the U.S. intelligence services [AP]

• A bill in front of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would increase significantly public funding for yeshivas. [Forward]

• Celebrity chef Jamie Geller is making aliyah next month. Nefesh b’nefesh is chronicling her trip. [NBN]

• The Times of India is blaming Iran’s Revolutionary Guard for a car bomb attack that took place near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi back in February. [Haaretz]

• Under lox and key? An inmate in a Michigan jail is suing the state for not providing him with kosher meals. [JTA]

• A report shows a sharp drop in the number of African migrants crossing illegally into Israel in the month of July. [Times of Israel]

In case you missed it, here is video of the Bob Costas tribute to the Munich 11 during the Olympic March of Nations: