(Rohr entering Chabad House in Basel)

News of the death of Sami Rohr is reaching far and wide this afternoon with a variety of tributes for the iconic philanthropist. Chabad, which Rohr helped build into a global juggernaut, offered this as part of their snapshot of Rohr and his impact:

Comfortable in the cultural halls of Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America and the United States, Rohr cut a giant intellectual figure. He was proficient in Torah learning as he was in business and literature, able to recite by heart rabbinic exegeses along with poetry in six languages. Yet, despite his extraordinary accomplishments, he remained humble and unassuming, and was regarded by rich and poor alike as approachable and respectful.

As brilliant as were his business investments, his charitable strategy equally inspired. Hundreds of institutions across the globe ascribe much of their success not only to the Rohr family’s direct dispersions, but also to his wise counsel and strategic challenge grants.

We’ll be looking at Rohr’s life in greater depth tomorrow so stay tuned.