• The Lithuanian government has dramatically reduced a plan to restore property stolen by the Nazis and communists, infuriating Jewish groups. [JTA]
• Yesterday, for the first time in a month, a rocket fired from Gaza hit southern Israel. [JTA]
• Life in the West Bank is becoming normal-ish. “For the past eight years, a 10-year-old boy could order a strike and we would all close,” says a storeowner. “Now nobody can threaten us.” [NYT]
• Liberian president Charles Taylor sees no problem with his use of displayed human skulls to threaten the enemy, after all “These were not our people.” Here’s hoping he doesn’t mean Jews. [London Times]
• On a summer camp-led visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Arab children were forced to remove their t-shirts, which read “Al-Quds – Arab Culture Capital,” prompting one parent to see bitter irony: “we don’t even get ambulances, so it’s my son’s shirt of all things that gets their efficient treatment?” [Ynet]