(Kerem Shalom)

• The Times submits a long dispatch from Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, which narrowly missed an attack from Sinai on Sunday night. [NYT]

• A reporter’s hilarious account of a ride with Mitt Romney’s motorcade to a fundraiser site where the candidate was aggressively lovingly stalked by an Orthodox wedding party. [Buzzfeed]

• The United Nations is working on naming a replacement for Kofi Annan, whose tenure as a peace envoy to Syria was…not marked by an increase of peace. [Guardian]

• Prosecutors say alleged Hungarian war criminal Laszlo Csatary will not be charged with the murder of 300 Jews in 1941. The other 15,000 Jewish deaths Csatary is accused of facilitating are still on the docket. [JTA]

• Jacob Silverman chronicles his Herculean act of collecting all of Gary Shteyngart’s book blurbs. [Jewcy]