Navajo Moose: Jewish Spirit Animal

An eBay seller redefines Jewish life

By Adam Chandler|August 23, 2012 10:04 AM

Animals have an important place in Jewish tradition. Rams, doves, serpents, and asses (to name a few) populate our mythologies and stories. Let’s also not forget Nathan Zuckerman.

But did you know about the connection between the Tribe of Israel and the Tribe of Navajo? For the uninitiated, we both share an insignia that is central to our religious expression. The first to discover this connection is actually a certified eBay seller in Ft. Worth, Texas–with a 99.8% positive rating no less–who hawked the pendant pictured above.

In the description, the seller, whose handle (amazingly enough) is AlwaysBeListing, listed it [1] with the following heading:

Unique Vintage Navajo Moose 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, Mariking 0.8 grams

Unfortunately, the item has already sold for $5.50, which is $12.50 less than we thought it was worth. (Plus $3.99 shipping and handling.) I’ve dropped AlwaysBeSelling a line to see if he or she has any other Najavo Moose in stock. We’ll see what comes up!

Until then, happy hunting.

Unique Vintage Navajo Moose Sterling Silver Pendant [3] [eBay]

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