Stanley Kubrick(Muholland Books)

• Chief Israeli Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger, who recently appeared in Germany to discuss compromise on circumcision regulations, is speaking out against talks of a ban on Jewish ritual slaughter in the Netherlands, which he says will force Dutch Jews to leave. [JTA]

• Michigan police are cryptically skeptical of the charge that the attack on Michigan State student Zach Tennen over the weekend was not a hate crime, but are failing to divulge more reasons why. [Times of Israel]

• The Israel State Archives has released a series of documents detailing the Israeli government’s decision-making and debate during the 1972 Munich massacre. [Haaretz]

• Jeremy Bernstein has a fantastic essay about playing chess against the filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who accused Bernstein of being a “patzer” after losing the first few games. [NYRB]

• The New York Daily News is the latest rag to line up and take a shot at Sheldon Adelson, who funds the free Israeli daily Israel HaYom that is squeezing the newspaper business in Israel. [NYDN]