Western Wall in Jerusalem (MEMRI)

• Israel’s security cabinet has convened for a ten-hour meeting on Iran’s nuclear program among other issues. The Jerusalem Post posits that it the meeting will gauge new intelligence estimates, discuss the zone of immunity for the nuclear program, and debate timetables for possible attacks. [JPost]

• The newly unveiled platform of the Democratic Party does not include any language on the status of Jerusalem and reinforces the potential use of force against Iran. [JTA]

• After some pressure from Israel via the United States, Egypt removed tanks from the Sinai as the Camp David accords stipulates. Egypt replaced the tanks with APCs. [Reuters]

• Jason Francisco reports on an exhibit of Holocaust-era paintings in Krakow that spans both sides of the seam between victim and perpetrator. [Times of Israel]

• The Western Wall in Jerusalem received a clean bill of health from engineers who visited to inspect its structural integrity. [Forward]