O.J. Simpson, 1995(ABC)

• Five years after an Israeli attack on a Syrian nuclear reactor, details about the strike are emerging. Among the points of interest: the United States was convinced by Israeli intelligence about the reactor but refused to strike. [Haaretz]

• Mark Siegel, the chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, resigned on Friday in the wake of a controversy where he claimed that pro-Israel Christians want the Jews to be “slaughtered.” [WPTV]

• The glove still doesn’t fit: Alan Dershowitz has spoken out against a claim that the famous courtroom demonstration involving gloves during the 1995 O.J. Simpson murder trial was a fabrication. [Forward]

• Sy Schulman, a major figure in the development of parks in New York City and the former mayor White Plains, has died at 86. [NYT]

• A study reveals the Jewish population outside of Israel is shrinking. [Jewish Press]