Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2010(AFP)

The Atlantic takes a hard look at what prompted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s screed against America’s policy on Iran. The remarks today came in the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s comments that United States would not set any deadlines on taking action on Iran. [Atlantic]

● Much ado about a schedule? Citing a conflicting schedule, the White House has declined a request by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet with President Barack Obama in September. The White House maintains the two are in frequent contact. [Haaretz]

● The first Hebrew printing of Fifty Shades of Grey sold out in a day in Israel today. [JTA]

● Andy Botwin from the Showtime hit “Weeds” gets the Network Jews treatment over at Jewcy. [Jewcy]

● Flashback: Jon Stewart’s impassioned address on national unity during the first episode of The Daily Show following the September 11th attacks. [Upworthy]