• Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will keep the West Bank fence up no matter what, as it is “a critical component of Israel’s security,” he says. [Haaretz]
• Israeli minister Dan Meridor says he is troubled by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pledge that America will defend Israel under its “nuclear umbrella” should Iran develop a bomb, because it could indicate “they have already reconciled with this possibility.” [Haaretz]
• Several different American Jewish groups have sought President Obama as a speaker, but he hasn’t said yes to any, yet. [JTA via Forward]
• A blast seriously injured four at the Gaza wedding of the nephew of prominent Palestinian Authority figure Muhammad Dahlan. Hamas has denied responsibility. [JPost]
• And several prominent Israeli intellectuals, including novelists Amos Oz and David Grossman, have called for an external investigation into the military’s February Gaza incursion. [Ynet]