Jewish Center in Malmo(AFP)

• In Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, an explosion rocked a Jewish Community Center early Friday morning. No injuries were reported and two suspects were arrested. Malmo has endured a number of anti-Semitic attacks in recent years. [Times of Israel]

• Germany’s Justice Ministry has drafted a bill to ensure that circumcision remains a legal and protected. The bill’s passage, however, is far from certain. [Forward]

• A new poll released by the AJC shows that the number one issue for American Jewish voters is the economy, registering over 61%. 65% of Jewish voters responded that they plan to voter for President Obama. [AJC]

• Publishing house W.W. Norton has purchased the rights to the biography of Philip Roth, to be written by Blake Bailey. Bailey will have unprecedented access to Roth’s archives. [AP]

• News that Wayne Firestone, Hillel’s CEO and President, will be stepping down from his post has raised questions about the future of the campus organization. [Jewish Week]