At Press Conference Yesterday, Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu Called for Early Elections(Getty)

• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for early elections, which will take place in the beginning of 2013, most likely in February. It’s unclear who Netanyahu’s strongest opposition will be. [Haaretz]

• In a series of raids on Islamic terror cells in France, a bomb-making lab was uncovered by French authorities. In one raid that led to a gun battle, French police killed one of the men linked to the attack on a kosher supermarket in the suburbs of Paris earlier this month. At another site, a list of French Jewish institutions was found. [NYT]

• The German government has approved a bill that would formally legalize circumcision in Germany and protect mohels from prosecution. The measure is expected to pass when voted upon by the Bundestag. [Times of Israel]

• Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, a Jewish biochemist from New York, is one of two winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Lefkowitz was honored for his “groundbreaking” work isolating a gene receptor. [JPost]

• Manhattan’s new High School of Art and Design unveiled a glass-paneled mural from Art Spiegelman, one of its most famous graduates. [NYT]