Vice President Joseph Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan Debate in Kentucky(Reuters)

• Among the many topics covered in last night’s debate between Vice President Joseph Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan were Iran’s nuclear program and the Syrian uprising. Both Biden and Ryan emphasized the need to stop Iran, but struck different tones on the issue itself. [NYT]

• A debate in California turned ugly last night between two Jewish Democratic congressmen who are pitted against each other because of redistricting. At one point, Congressman Brad Sherman challenged Congressman Howard Berman to a fight. [JTA]

• The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union on Thursday in Oslo. It was the first organization to win the award since 1999. And they could probably use the cash. [BBC]

• In his first interview in Israel since his release, Gilad Shalit said that he played chess with his captors and invented other games to occupy himself when he was alone. [Times of Israel]

• Jewcy reports on a GPS-enabled Jewish dating website which, fittingly enough, is called Yenta. [Jewcy]