The European Union Flag(AP)

• Following last week’s explosion of swastika symbols on Twitter, an anti-Semitic prompt called ‘Good Jew’ has taken root and was the third-most-popular trend on Twitter in France today. [JTA]

• An Israeli man who had reportedly been given permission to stay in a Brooklyn synagogue was beaten by New York police officers. Ehud Halevi was asleep when a synagogue volunteer guard spotted him and called the police. [NYMag]

• According to internal documents, the United States has allocated $8 million to help the Libyan government build an elite commando unit to combat Islamic extremist groups in the country. The project was already underway when the mission in Benghazi was attacked in a deadly raid last month. [NYT]

• An interesting collection of reactions to the Nobel Committee’s selection of the European Union as the winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. [Daily Beast]

• Jewcy reports on why Rick Ross’s “Black Bar Mitzvah” album is at least fine for the Jews, if not good for the Jews. [Jewcy]