President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney Before Their Debate in Hempstead, NY(Win McNamee, Getty)

• The presidential debate had its share of dramatic moments including a dust-up about the Benghazi attack. Israel and Iran were mentioned just once in a Middle East laundry-list and many pundits (including the Wills and Krauthammers) scored the evening for President Obama. [NYT]

• It was reported today that an Israeli helicopter was fired upon by anti-aircraft missile for the first time ever during an operation in Gaza last week. Israeli intelligence had long suspected that Hamas possessed the sophisticated weapon. The missile missed its mark. [Al-Monitor]

• After appearing in 18 literary films, Johnny Depp has been granted control of his own book imprint at Harper. The Rum Diary star (not that I’ve seen Chocolat) will publish a book by historian Douglas Brinkley about Bob Dylan. [LAT]

• To The Left: Tablet contributor Irin Carmon writes on the discussion of women’s issues in last night’s presidential debate. [Salon]

• To The Right: Ruth Wisse writes on which candidate would be best for Israel. [WSJ]