Federal Reserve(NYC Tourism)

• A Bangladeshi man was arrested for attempting to detonate fake explosives purchased from an undercover agent at the Federal Reserve in Lower Manhattan. Following his arrest, the man praised Osama Bin Laden. [NYPost]

• This might not turn out so well. A report claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking the approval of parts of the Levy Committee, which earlier this year concluded that settlements in the West Bank are legal. [JTA]

• Jeremy Epstein, one of the undecided voters who asked a question in last night’s debate, may not be undecided anymore. [NYMag]

• The largest ever joint drill between the United States and Israel, focusing largely on missile defense, is under way in Israel with 1,000 American soldiers participating in Israel and 2,000 others participating remotely. [JPost]

• Jewcy presents Squash Pie in its “Not Your Bubbe’s Recipe” Series. The secret is in the chili powder. [Jewcy]