• Janine Di Giovanni writes eloquently about how the Syrian civil war has finally breached Damascus, the Syrian capital and Bashar Assad’s center of power, which had seemingly been immune to the violence until recently. [NYT]

• Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi sent his new ambassador to Israel, who reinforced Egypt’s commitment to the 1979 peace treaty. Jordan also reinstated its ambassador, which had been an empty post for two years. [Maan]

• Haaretz profiles Shane Baker, the executive director of the Congress of Jewish Culture, who is a Yiddish scholar and vaudeville performer from Kansas City. He’s also not Jewish. [Haaretz]

• After 80 years of print life, Newsweek will no longer be available in print starting in 2013. [Newsweek]

• Jewcy’s ‘Network Jews’ spotlights Fran Fine from ‘The Nanny’ famously played by Fran Drescher [Jewcy]