A Car Bomb Strikes Central Beirut(Reuters)

• On the year anniversary of the release of Gilad Shalit, Hamas has released a video detailing the operation during which Shalit was captured. [JTA]

• A car bomb detonated in central Beirut this afternoon, killing at least eight and wounding nearly 80 people. It still remains unclear who was being targeted, but the bombing took place on a street where an anti-Assad Phalangist office is located. [Haaretz]

• American academic and activist Noam Chomsky unsurprisingly called for the end of the ‘Gaza blockade’ during his first-ever trip to Gaza. [Forward]

• General Motors has won a lawsuit against Israel’s Hebrew University over the right to use the image of Albert Einstein in its advertising. Hebrew U claimed they had been granted all publicity rights. [LAT]

• Shmuel Rosner writes on the fascination with Florida’s Jewish population during election season. [IHT]