A Photo from 'The Brink of Oblivion: Color Photos of Nazi-Occupied Poland'(Hugo Jaege)

• The FBI will participate in an international probe into the car bombing that killed Lebanese security chief Wissam al-Hassan last week in Beirut. Unsurprisingly, Hezbollah has rejected the investigation. [AP]

• A new study suggests that an overwhelming majority of college campuses in the United States (97%!) have no reports of anti-Semitism or anti-Israel initiatives. [JTA]

Life presents a slideshow of rare color photographs of Nazi-occupied Poland taken from 1939-1940 taken by German photographer and raging Nazi Hugo Jaege. [Life]

• Scroll Editor Emeritus Marc Tracy wonders aloud about the foreign policy credentials of senior Romney adviser and Tablet profile subject Dan Senor. [TNR]

• Jewcy goes deep into the depths of the Canadian television vault to unearth an early talk show interview featuring the Jewish rap star Drake. [Jewcy]