Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2012(UL)

This afternoon, Politicker is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg’s recent interview in The Atlantic with James Bennet has provoked the ire of Orthodox Jews.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a freewheeling interview on a multitude of issues ranging from the presidential race to his public health efforts, including a new consent form requirement for a controversial circumcision practice, metzizah b’peh, often used in the city’s Orthodox Jewish community. “I think it’s fair to say that nobody else would take that on. I mean, come on!” Mr. Bloomberg exclaimed of the political fortitude needed to even touch the issue. “Who wants to have 10,000 guys in black hats outside your office, screaming?”

Councilman David Greenfield and his predecessor and former Councilman Simcha Felder were among the first officials to register their complaints. Others joined in the chorus later to castigate the mayor for his insensitive comments. In all fairness, he could have been talking about Yankees fans who support metzizah b’peh.

Jewish Pol Demand Bloomberg Apologize for ‘10,000 guys in black hats’ Comment [Politicker]