• In a statement released by Shmuel Rabinowitz, the rabbi of the Western Wall (who knew?), Rabinowitz decried the controversial arrest of Women of the Wall leader Anat Hoffman last month. He also skirted any declarations of policy change and basically said that Reform Jews have it pretty good already. [JTA]

• A group of 500 Jews from former Yugoslavia gathered in Macedonia for its first-ever Limmud conference. The conferences focus on Jewish identity. [JTA]

• A senior Israeli defense official spoke out about the presidency of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi, calling it a dictatorship and revealing that Morsi does not maintain any high-level contacts with Israeli officials. [Times of Israel]

• Russia shakes a stick at the United States over its plans to help revamp the leadership in the Syrian opposition. Secretary of State Clinton said earlier that she wants the leadership to better represent fighters on the frontlines. [AP]

• Jewcy’s got the latest from actor Max Greenfield of the hit show The New Girl. [Jewcy]