Smoke Rising After Syrian Shells Hit a Bordertown near the Israeli-Syrian Border(AP)

• Israel Defense Forces responded to another mortar attack from Syria by striking a mobile artillery battery with tank fire, according to reports. Israel had previously fired warning shots after Syrian mortar shells had landed in Israel. [Times of Israel]

• Governor Andrew Cuomo is reported to be seeking $30 billion in federal aid for storm relief following Hurricane Sandy. [NYT]

• Sheldon Adelson writes that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was wrong to charge that Adelson had influenced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to show support for Governor Mitt Romney in the American elections. [Commentary]

• Steven Weiss asks whether the Jewish community’s emphasis on education has ultimately done a disservice to the Jewish population. [Slate]

• New reports suggest that threatening e-mails written by the woman with whom CIA Chief David Petraeus was having an affair triggered the FBI probe that ultimately revealed the scandal. Petraeus resigned on Friday.