Ari Hoenig in 2011(NYT)

• A commander in the Free Syrian Army accused Israel of aiding Bashar Assad in his effort to quell the Syrian uprising. [Times of Israel]

• Despite family objections, the exhumation of Yasser Arafat has started so that an investigation into his death can begin. [JPost]

• Jeffrey Goldberg reports from the Syrian-Jordianian border where 200,000 Syrian refugees have fled and the Syrian rebels try to finish their revolution. [Bloomberg]

• Jennifer Wright looks at the less-than-sterling years during which Coco Chanel had Nazi affiliations. [The Gloss]

• A Jewish army captain/boxer who raises funds for spinal cord research in honor of the woman he loves. [ESPN]

• It’s jazz drummer and composer Ari Hoenig’s birthday. Enjoy this one: