• As it turns out, France of all good countries has recognized the Syrian rebels waging a 20-month-long war against the Assad regime in Syria. They are considering arming the rebels as the government continues airstrikes on rebel-held towns. [NYT]

• The unhappiest of mediums yet: Left-leaning German legislators want to propose a ban on circumcision for boys ages 14 and under. [JTA]

• There are reports that a rocket barrage from Sinai in Egypt has hit southern Israel. This means that in the last week Israel has been hit from Syria, Gaza, and Egypt. [Times of Israel]

• The Forward profiles the observant actress Miriam Margolyes [Forward]

• Sala Levin writes for Jewcy’s popular Network Jews series on Lilith Sternin, the sharp-tongued ex-wife on “Frasier.” [Jewcy]