Map of Missile Range from Gaza(Google Maps)

The picture above shows–based on where the rockets fired from Gaza have reached so far–the range of Hamas’ missile capabilities. Given the size of Israel and the amount of people who live within this area, this is a startling image.

Also, Max Fisher at the Washington Post has a detailed update of where the rocket that missed Jerusalem actually landed, some 18 miles from Jerusalem near the Ma’ale Amos settlement.

Given that Hamas reportedly says it was targeting the Israeli Knesset building in Jerusalem, that it missed not just the parliament but the entire city by almost 20 miles doesn’t suggest that most finely tuned aiming capabilities.

Still, the fact that Hamas is aiming at Jerusalem at all — which Hamas also claims as the rightful Palestinian capital and which is surrounded by Palestinians, as well as Israelis — seems significant, and could deepen Israeli concerns about the group’s willingness to negotiate peace. It’s also difficult to see how this could generate much sympathy among West Bank Palestinians.

As some have pointed out, firing on Jerusalem is likely to do few favors for Palestinians wishing to base East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state in future negotiations. That is, assuming there are any negotiations to be had.

Map: Where Hamas’s Jerusalem-bound Rocket Actually Landed on Friday