Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi(CSM)

The Jerusalem Post and others are reporting that rockets have been fired into Israel from the Sinai in Egypt. If true, this signals a potential widening of the scope of hostilities against Israel.

Egypt has maintained a muted role in the conflict thus far, doing the expected and symbolic acts of withdrawing their ambassador and condemning the Israeli strikes against Gaza targets. As we noted earlier, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi dispatched his prime minister to visit Gaza today in act of solidarity.

Many in Egypt have been pressing for Morsi to depart from his predecessor’s past sideline-malingering during flare-ups between Hamas and Israel, as Mubarak did in Operation Cast Lead. With Mubarak gone and Hamas ideologically closer to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, we’ll have to watch closely and see what happens next.

Rockets Launched at Israel from Sinai [JPost]