From Stewart back to Leibowitz?(Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images)

• Columnist Ron Rosenbaum asks Daily Show host Jon Stewart to change his name back to the original: Jon Stuart Leibowitz. [Slate]
• Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)’s recent engagement to a Muslim woman—a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton named Huma Abedin—has spawned a lot of conversation and perhaps a little controversy. [New York Jewish Week]
• Apropos yesterday’s charges that one Syrian Jewish man attempted to buy and sell a human kidney: what does Jewish law say about illegally trading in organs if it might save a life? [Slate]
• The ostensible congregation of a rabbi arrested yesterday as part of the massive anti-corruption sting appears to be a small residential house in Brooklyn—a house to which there are at least 97 non-profits registered. [TJC Newsdesk]
• Can Israel re-brand itself to potential American tourists as a hip, charming destination not necessarily freighted by history and religion? [The Faster Times]