A friend of mine in Israel recently received an e-mail from the Al-Quds Brigade. A screenshot of the original e-mail is in the picture above, the translation is below:

Our missiles will hit anyplace where you are, the cowards of the el quds brigades… God has put the plaster of terror in the heart of the Zionists… We will strike with an iron fist … Remain quds brigades… Deliberate surprise.

Once past the initial terrifying insanity of the fact that terrorist groups are now sending menacing notes to Israeli civilians–the subject line is “Fajr 5,” which is the name of the Iranian-made missiles that have been fired at Tel Aviv–there are some bigger questions here:

What is a plaster of terror?
Why is the Al-Quds Brigade calling itself cowards?
Is there any such thing as an indeliberate surprise?