• Dominating the news in Israel tonight was the massive explosion in Rishon LeZion from an Iranian Fajr-5 missile shot from Gaza. The missile said to be carrying 90 kilograms of explosives smashes through the top three floors of a building, marking the first time that the large city in central Israel had been struck. There were no serious injuries. [Times of Israel]

• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Israel on Tuesday evening. She and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at a joint press conference in which Clinton strongly reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself and called on Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel. Here is the audio. [Reuters]

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen writes on the callousness of Hamas. [WaPo]

• The Times reports on the disturbing scene at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. [NYT]

• Aaron David Miller writes that while Israel may have won the battle, Hamas has ultimately won the war by asserting its dominance over Fatah. [FP]