Yasser Arafat's Grave(Reuters)

• The negotiations mandated by last week’s cease-fire between Israel and Hamas are underway in Cairo. While there have been a few incidents since the cease-fire went into effect, according to reports, Palestinian farmers and fishermen have recently been breaching old boundaries without encountering trouble. [NYT]

• Yasser Arafat is the latest addition to a very bizarre list of political figures whose bodies have been exhumed. The New Republic has a thorough list and history. [TNR]

• Dutch television aired a fake broadcast of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bragging to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about civilian deaths in Gaza. [JTA]

• The Likud primaries have given a resounding victory to the most right-leaning part of the party. [Haaretz]

• In his first public comments since going to jail for violating his the terms of his release, Sam Bacile aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula aka the man behind the anti-Islamic film ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ that accompanied riots across the Middle East reportedly says he has no regrets. [NYT]