Tzipi Livni(Getty)

• Keep it classy: Billboards thanking Iran for the missiles used to attack Israel were erected in Gaza. [Haaretz]

• Tzipi Returns: The prime minister aspirant immediately gets attacked from all sides of the Israeli political spectrum on the day she announced that she would head a new political party. [Times of Israel]

• Following an European Union memo that promotes a visa ban on Israeli citizens deemed to be “violent settlers,” Israel is now protesting an E.U. meeting on labeling products made in the settlements. [JPost]

• The Montreal-inspired Jewish deli Mile End, whose facilities were affected by Hurricane Sandy, found itself at the center of a social-media controversy after its owner (perhaps rightfully) lashed out at a customer on Facebook. [Gothamist]

• JONAH, a Jewish center in New Jersey, is reportedly being sued for falsely claiming that it can cure homosexuality with therapy. [JTA]