Roughly 200,000 People Gather to Protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square(AFP Getty)

• Two of Egypt’s higher appeals courts went on strike to protest new measures by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to consolidate power. Large protests have taken place in Cairo over the past few days with more planned ahead, including what’s expected to be a massive gathering on Friday. [Reuters]

• One day before the United Nations vote to grant a Palestinian status upgrade, the expected votes of European countries are coming into focus, a veritable smorgasbord of yeses, noes, and maybes. [JPost]

• The Cuban government says that jailed American contractor Alan Gross does not have cancer. According to a government statement, Gross was tested by doctors and a lump that was suspected to be cancerous was found to be benign. In other news, Gross is still in jail. [AP]

• Jeffrey Goldberg writes on the conditions under which Palestinians can finally achieve independence. [Bloomberg]

• Andrea Zuckerman, the brainy/plainy Jewish character on Beverly Hills: 90210, gets the exceptionally-impressive Network Jews treatment this week. [Jewcy]