Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya in 'The Princess Bride'(IMBD)

• As Syrian rebels begin to challenge the Assad regime’s control of the airport and the skies, calls for the United States to recognize and arm the rebels grow louder. [CNN]

• As the United Nations vote unfolded, Israeli plans to expand settlements in an East Jerusalem neighborhood quickly became the focus of international ire. [NYT]

• A farewell event to Senator Joe Lieberman, hosted by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, drew some bon mots from Senator John McCain. [Forward]

• Irin Carmon writes on the future of the anti-abortion movement as its initiatives suffered in the 2012 election cycle. [Salon]

• Perhaps a sign of things to come in the 2016 election cycle, Republican Senator Rand Paul is making a trip to Israel. [Politico]

• Jews have been Time’s Person of the Year two of the past three years. Jewcy has a shortlist of candidates for 2012. [Jewcy]

• A frightening and inspiring Mandy Patinkin video for his 60th birthday: