The West Bank Settlement of Shiloh(AFP)

• They are reports that Britain and France may recall their ambassadors to Israel following Friday’s announcement that Israel would allow a committee to begin planning settlements in a controversial area of Jerusalem known as E-1. [al-Arabiya]

• David Remnick’s dispatch from the Saban Institute in Washington, D.C. includes an interview with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. [TNY]

• Gawker of all good websites rounds up the recent spate of anti-Semitic behavior at Boston area colleges. [Gawker]

• In case you were wondering, the small Mississippi town of Indianola (pop. 10,600) has a Jewish mayor (a Democrat no less), who used to run the family’s dry good store. [NYT]

• Prepping for the long month ahead? Planning to buy more PowerBall lottery tickets? Best check your Jewcy horoscope first. [Jewcy]