The Hanukkah Ham Hoax That Won't Go Away(Flickr)

• Both the State Department and the White House spoke out against the E-1 Plan, which was given administrative (but not building) approval by the Israeli government late last week. The plan would allow 3,000 houses to be built in a controversial area east of Jerusalem that some say threatens the viability of a Palestinian state. [NPR]

• The Atlantic reports that Israeli officials asked Jordan for permission to bomb stockpiles of chemical weapons in Syria, but were rebuffed. [JPost]

• An Israeli court has grant a couple the first gay divorce in Israel. Hooray? [JTA]

• The Hanukkah Ham deli ham scam picture hoax is back! A real picture (see above) taken years ago at a defunct supermarket in New York has resurfaced again, this time it’s being falsely attributed to Walmart. [Snopes]

• The 92Y volunteer initiative Giving Tuesday, a companion to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, has been aiming to raise volunteerism ahead of the holiday season. Check out the good work and get involved. [92Y]