Protestors Gather Outside Palace in Cairo(NYT)

• Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi had to flee the presidential palace as riot police in Cairo clashed with 10,000 demonstrators, who are protesting the broad changes Morsi had made to the Egyptian constitution. [JPost]

• Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has been hospitalized with a lung infection. The Hizzoner is expected to be released in time for his 88th birthday party next week. [NYT]

• Open Zion sits down with MondoWeiss founder Phil Weiss to talk shop about Zionism. Interesting read. [Open Zion]

• Israel’s envoy to Australia was summoned by the Australian government, which registered its disapproval at the E-1 plan. In the past, Australia has often voted with Israel in the United Nations, but abstained last week. [JTA]

• The week’s Network Jews series features the classic show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and its character Witchy Willow Rosenberg. [Jewcy]