Khaled Meshaal(AFP)

• The rabbis at Upper West Side shul B’nai Jeshurun, which came under fire for sending congregants an e-mail praising the United Nations vote on to Palestinian upgrade to non-member observer, have expressed regret for the e-mail saying that a premature draft of the letter was sent out, which hadn’t been edited properly and included signatories that hadn’t agreed to the content. [JTA]

• Exiled Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Meshaal arrived in Gaza for his first time to celebrate Hamas’ ‘victory’ in its recent conflict with Israel. [AP]

• Jon Kest, a highly respected community activist, whose daughter died during Hurricane Sandy, passed away on Wednesday from a rare form of cancer. He was 57. [NYDN]

• Hedge fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen is conspicuously absent from Art Basel in Miami. [NYT]

• A dispatch from the sexual abuse trial of Nechemya Weberman, a member of Brooklyn’s Satmar community. [NYDN].