Each Friday we bring you a look at what’s going on over at Jewcy.com, our partner site. This week, a guide to Hanukkah pastries in New York City reveals two enticing options for the cupcake lover in your life:

Magnolia Bakery:

Simple and delectable Magnolia cupcakes will make you croon “All I want for Hannukah is you.” Enjoy these chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and delicate little Jewish stars and Menorahs on top.

Crumb’s Bake Shop:

The Holiday Signature Collection includes two types of cupcakes: the scrumptious Stars of David (vanilla cake filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting) and mouthwatering Mazel (vanilla cake filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream sprinkled with blue and yellow nonpareils).

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