The Great Dreidel Spin at Binghampton(Star Gazette)

• With fears mounting about Syria’s unstable chemical weapons stockpile, according to reports, the IDF will given its medics doses of a chemical weapons antidote. [Times of Israel]

• The head rabbi of the Lithuanian haredi community in Israel says that yeshiva students should not enlist in Israeli national service programs. [JTA]

• Jewish students in Binghamton, New York claim to have broken the Guinness World Records for dreidel spinning. Their parents set the record for most simultaneous utterances of: For this I sent you to college? [JTA]

• In a sign of Israel’s growing popularity in the tech field, Google sets up an innovation campus in Tel Aviv [AP]

• Five hundreds years after the Inquisition, a look at Spain’s initiative to invite Sephardic Jews back. [NYT]