President Harry Truman's Menorah(Our Presidents)

• Egypt’s military is demanding that opposition groups that were active in the recent protests against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi join him in dialogue. [Guardian]

• Jewish and Israeli officials are denying a report by Israeli Educational Television alleging that Ethiopian immigrants were coerced into taking long-acting contraceptive shots. The report cites a 50% drop in birth rates among Ethiopians in Israel over the past decade. [JTA]

• In a recently released study about salaries in the Jewish nonprofit world show that women are still being compensated at lower rates than their male counterparts. [Forward]

• Patent lawyer Mike Abramson is working on a glass that alerts a drinker when his or her drink is spiked or drugged. [FastCo]

•Avital Chizhik tells of the balance between her writing life and her dating life in the Orthodox community, where her work is often closely studied. [Haaretz]