(Our Presidents)

• Dates, conditions, locations, guest lists! Iran and the EU are slowly ironing out the details for the next round of nuclear talks. [Al-Monitor]

• Pedro Hernandez, the man charged with the 1979 murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz in New York City, has pleaded not guilty. Hernandez previously confessed to the murder earlier this year. [NYT]

• Four European Union states tried to block the inclusion of a clause condemning Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s call for Israel’s destruction into an EU statement that was harshly critical of Israel’s E-1 settlement plan. In other words, today was Wednesday. [Times of Israel]

• A Palestinian teen was killed by an Israeli border guard near Hebron. The teenager reportedly pulled out a toy gun when he was asked for identification by the officer. Following the incident, IDF troops disperse riots with tear gas and stun grenades. [YNet]

• Talia Lavin writes on the hunt to find a menorah in the Ukraine. [Jewcy]