• Palestinian protestors marched and threw stones at Israeli targets for the third day in a row following the shooting of a Palestinian teenager who had reportedly brandished a toy gun during a heated encounter with an Israeli border guard. [Times of Israel]

• Russia is denying that its diplomat said that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad was losing control of the country, only that the Syrian rebels seem to think that Bashar Assad is losing control of the country. Nice job comrades. [US News]

• Allegations of sexual abuse (and a sizable cover-up) at the Yeshiva University High School in Manhattan have stunned and dismayed the institution and the community. [NYT]

• David Samuels writes smartly on Jack Whittaker and the curse of winning the Powerball lottery. [Bloomberg]

• Stephen Saland, the New York Republican state senator who cast the deciding vote on marriage equality (and hails from a prominent rabbinic family in Jerusalem), conceded defeat after a long vote-counting process. [NYT]

• Today in strangely hypnotic Hanukkah videos: