Senator John Kerry(Congressional Office)

• The Times reports on how members of local clergy, including rabbis, are working together to serve the fragile community of Newtown, Connecticut, in the aftermath of Friday’s horrific shooting. [NYT]

• According to several sources, President Obama is expected to name Senator John Kerry as Hillary Clinton’s successor at the State Department later this week. [Slate]

• Following a court ruling, Jewish residents of a controversial building in Hebron are set to be evicted in 2013. The decision is not popular in some right-leaning circles. [Times of Israel]

• The Polish parliament is reportedly set to protect ritual slaughter by amending a law that would require stunning animals prior to slaughter. The vote on the amendment will take place next month. [JTA]

• Over the weekend Syrian airstrikes struck a Palestinian refugee camp, killing scores of civilians. No word from the United Nations on that one. [NYT]