World War II Veteran Carrol Walsh. (Tumblr)

• President Obama announced that he will submit broad new proposals on gun control to Congress next month. [NYT]

• The Jewish faith has a median age of 36, making its membership the oldest among world faiths. Some say its bad for growth prospects, others say we’re just a fine wine. [Reuters]

• The United Nations General Assembly adopted NINE resolutions condemning Israel, including one that suggests that Israel should give the Golan Heights back to Syria, which is already making good use of the territory it has. [JTA]

• Carrol Walsh, a World War II veteran who liberated a Nazi train and inspired a reunion of its 2,500 survivors last decade, has died at age 91. [WTOP]

• Citing the difficulties of business, San Francisco’s only kosher restaurant is closing after decades of business. [Eater]