• In what’s being viewed in some circles as pre-election political maneuvering, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly asked the Jewish Agency to look into finding a way for non-Orthodox women to pray at Western Wall. In recent months, a number of women have been arrested for donning prayer shawls at Judaism’s most holy site. [JTA]

• In another star defection, Syria’s military police chief has joined the rebels. Behind the scenes, there are a number of reports that suggest Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is looking for ways to leave. [BBC]

• Israeli experts have come out against the claim made by the National Rifle Association that Israel’s successful approach to gun control should encourage Americans to buy more guns. [AP]

• The Times looks at the newest dating phenomenon (which may not be either new or a phenomenon): asking for the credit score of your potential romantic interests. (I always tell the ladies I got a perfect 1600 on my credit report.) [NYT]

• Take a look at famous beat poet Allen Ginsberg’s borscht recipe. The secret’s in the sugar. [Brain Pickings]