A Fatah Rally in Gaza Draws Tens of Thousands(AP)

• Iran’s lead negotiator has agreed to resume talks on Iran’s nuclear program with the P5+1 group. The talks, which dissolved last in June, will take place later this month. [Times of Israel]

• Syrian airstrikes continued to level neighborhoods, mostly outside of Damascus, as intense fighting carried on throughout the day. [AP]

• Fatah’s anniversary rally–the first one in Gaza since 2007–was marked by massive attendance, numbering in the tens of thousands. [Haaretz]

• U.S. economy adds 155,000 jobs last month, keeping the unemployment rate at 7.8%. [NYT]

• Lisa Weiss, the woman who exposed former Representative Anthony Weiner for sending her a suggestive message, apologized to him in the comments section of a Facebook picture posted by Weiner. [BuzzFeed]