Richard Ben Cramer(WashColl)

• Speaking with Channel Two in Israel yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed that he would “never divide” Jerusalem. Public opinion polls in Israel show that two-thirds of Israelis support the division of the city in a negotiated peace deal. [Times of Israel]

• Richard Ben Cramer, who could be given the deanship in the school of New New Journalism, died at age 62. Cramer is perhaps best known for his book ‘What It Takes’ about the 1988 American presidential election, but also wrote often about sports and the Middle East. [NYT]

• Storms and floods across part of Israel cause power outrages, mass closures, and even overflow onto one of Tel Aviv’s main thoroughfares, the Ayalon Highway. [JPost]

• More details emerge about the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado as local police testified about the crime scene and their investigation. [LAT]

• A second round of testing shows that singer Amy Winehouse died of accidental alcohol poisoning in July of 2011. [THR]