Ayalon Highway(Buzzfeed)

For a country that prides itself on preparedness, bad weather in Israel has brought its biggest city and some of its roads and public transportation to a halt. As it turns out, the desert may have bloomed, there is no drainage for the overrun.

Tel Aviv braced for further floods Tuesday afternoon, even as the city began to recover from a morning in which its main traffic artery and rail services ground to a halt due to fierce storms that hit much of Israel. The rains were so powerful on Tuesday morning that flooding caused the closure of Tel Aviv’s main artery – the Ayalon Highway, or Highway 20 – as well as the city’s train stations.

BuzzFeed has put together a collection of photos from Israel, some hilariously doctored, others real (see above) that capture the storm’s menace. It’s worth the 30 seconds of your time.

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